Bell 430 (X 2) available from Rentayacht in Greece

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  • How does your company charge?
    We charge according to the flight time from take off to landing with a 1-hour minimum. Our rates become even more economical when a committed number of hours are in effect.

  • How do I know you are not overcharging?
    All helicopters are equipped with an hour meter (Hobbs) that displays the actual flight time in minutes.

  • Does anyone check to ensure that you are safe?
    The C.A.A (Civil Aviation Authority) and J.A.A (Joint Aviation Authority).

  • How do I schedule a flight?
    You can schedule right now either by calling directly +30.210.9885506 or email".

  • How much notice do you require?
    We do not have any set restrictions on the amount of notice necessary. However, it is to your benefit to schedule as far in advance as possible. Sometimes demand is such that we don't have enough ships to accommodate everyone. We schedule on a "first come basis...

  • Is there a charge if I cancel?
    There is a 10% charge if you cancel in less than an hour of departure time UNLESS the reason for cancellation is weather.

  • What about lightning and rain?
    Of course we can't always choose our flight weather conditions. Most times we are able to fly around poor weather. Lightning is usually not an issue because it needs a ground to transmit to. A helicopter, although electrically internally grounded, it is not seen as a true ground.Rain does not impair the performance of the helicopter, though it does temporarily affect visibility.

  • Where can I land in a Helicopter?
    There are many airports large and small, as well as heliports, scattered across the country. Any landing sites outside of those, which are approved, can usually be arranged, provided they satisfy the conditions for safe landing (as a firm surface free of trees and wires in at least two directions for 100 meters, and a permission by the landowner).

  • How hot is it during Summer months?
    Our helicopters that are not air-conditioned are equipped with fresh air vents, so that normal conditions are created in the cabin. It must be noted that the temperature also gets cooler by 2 degrees for every 1000/ of altitude.

  • How cramped is it in there?
    Our helicopters are actually quite roomy. They have wider side windows to accommodate more elbowroom. We also have baggage compartment.

  • What about noise?
    Although turbine helicopters are quite noisy outside, they are surprisingly quiet inside. We further provide intercom headsets, which almost eliminate the noise.

  • What sort of experience is it?
    The Helicopter experience is like nothing else. A Helicopter will do things that just can not be accomplished in any other way. The utility of a Helicopter can far outweigh the cost.

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